About Kate Ground

Everyone always asks how Kate Ground got into this business. She thinks it’s actually a really lame story! But the all of us loyal Kate Fans don’t agree! Well it all started a few years ago. Spunky and her were really good friends and they worked at a restaurant together. Spunky did web design on the side as well and one day Spunky needed to make a poster for a local nightclub when he asked Kate if she would do some pictures in a bikini.  Kate said sure, and after they had taken 10 or so pictures, they were looking at them on the computer and said hey we should sell these.  So after some investigation they discovered a whole world of  ebsites of girls that did “NN” modeling (NN=Non-Nude).   So they decided to make a website, Kate wanted her website to be fun so she went with the name Kates Playground, because she always had fun at the playground I guess?  Kate was originally going to be non-nude but that only lasted a few photosets thankfully.

Facts About Kate Ground

  • Birthday: November 22
  • Location: BC
  • Height: 5’3
  • Measurements: 34-25-35
  • Favorite colour: Pink
  • Favorite Movies: Lord of the rings, Star Wars (all episodes), Planet of the Apes (70′s versions. soo bad, yet so good), Scarface, Napoleon Dynamite
  • Favorite Food: Hawaiian Pizza
  • Favorite Book: Life of Pi by Yann Martel, Hitchhikers Guide to the Gallaxy by Douglas Adams, and A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
  • Turn ons: “Having my neck kissed, playing with my hair, and I love it when boys play with my boobs.”
  • Turn offs: Arrogance

Here Are Some Of Kate’s First Pictures!

Kate look’s so innocent back then!

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