Kate’s My Hoodie Zipset

One of Kate’s best zipsets to date at KatesPlayground.com , she has no bra or panties under her outfit as she strips out of hoodie and extremely short little skirt. Kate spreads her legs showing off her perfect pink little pussy when she attempts to do the splits, she isn’t flexible enough but I’m sure I could make do with what she can do!


I love this picture, I don’t know if I would spank it or just take Kate from behind, maybe both?



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A Very Nude Kate In Just Gloves

Kate Ground really didn’t have much to take off in this set of pictures, she started with just a set of sexy gloves and her perfect little landing strip just above her tight pussy. Kate loves to play with her perky perfect tits and she does it none stop in these pictures. If you want to actually see Kates pussy then goto SpunkyZips.com and get one of her many hot zipsets.


I love the little landing strip just barely making an appearance here.



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Watch Miss Kate Ground Cook

Beautiful Kate P Ground loves to get in the kitchen and cook. And wow I wouldn’t care if she burnt all the food as long as she’s wearing this sexy little thing! I would definitely make her get everything from the top shelves just to look at her tight round ass!


I believe the saying is “Coffe, Tea or Me?” Which would you choose?


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Kate Grounds Perfect Landing Strip

The sexy Kate Ground loves to keep a tight tiny landing strip just above her sweet pink pussy (you can see her completely nude if you get one or ALL of her zipsets at Spunky Zips!). I’ve always prefered a completely shaven cooter but Kate really makes the landing strip sexy as hell!

katesplayground-landingstrip katesplayground-landingstrip2

Remember, go get her zipsets at Spunky Zips

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