Kate on the stripper pole in her knee high boots

If you’ve had the pleasure of exploring Kate’s Playground, you’ve probably caught some amazing pictures and videos of this sexy model playing on her stripper pole from time to time. We decided to share a few pictures of this gorgeous babe doing just that. She’s wearing a black and leopard print corset with sheer thong panties wedged between those awesome ass cheeks. Kate is also wearing a pair of knee high PVC platform boots that complete the outfit and make her look naughty in the process. Wouldn’t you love helping her out of those?



Kate looks like she has a bit of experience on the stripper pole, pulling off some spins and moves that you’ve probably seen by some of the girls at your local strip joint. She ends up removing her lingerie and your left staring at her topless in those killer boots and her thong panties. If you’d like to see this solo model completely nude after teasing the hell out of you in her lingerie, be sure to visit her official website Kate’s Playground by clicking here!


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